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Step inside KINTO and you’ll discover a leading fleet management specialist with a fresh way of doing things.

Managing and funding over 50,000 cars and light commercial vehicles, we’re the chosen provider for many well-known brands, including Whirlpool, Cadent Gas and Molson Coors.

There’s a big difference between a fleet management specialist and a contract hire company.

We’re not here to sell you any particular form of vehicle funding or service.

We sit with our customers to find a solution that’s a ‘perfect fit’ for them. It’s never our aim to shoehorn anyone into a rigid service model that doesn’t suit them.

And with everything under one roof at our head office, we have a seamless, joined up approach enabling us to build strong relationships across each customer’s core functions that have an involvement in fleet – from HR and finance, to procurement and operations.

This is supported by accurate, concise and timely management information, a focus on vehicle downtime, a well-managed dealer network, a range of cost effective and bespoke fleet management solutions, and a service implemented to agreed SLAs and KPIs.

  • Fleet Management

    A specialist fleet management service tailored to your needs

  • Maintenance Management

    Stringent controls and cost savings from qualified vehicle technicians

  • Funding

    Vehicle funding perfectly matched to your requirements

  • Downtime Management

    A service focused on minimising each vehicle’s time off road

  • Autobid

    Our award winning competitive tendering ‘contract hire’ product

  • Outright Purchase

    Want to purchase your vehicles outright? We can help.

  • Software, Management Information and Business Intelligence

    In-house software, bespoke reporting and a team of analysts

  • Vehicle Choice & Policy

    Creating cost-effective, practical and motivational policies and choice lists

  • Daily Rental

    Our daily rental solution helps keep your business moving

  • Driver Risk Management

    Offering reduced accidents, improved health & safety, and a duty of care

  • Accident Management

    A complete solution from first response to vehicle repair and return

  • Salary Sacrifice

    An employee benefit to enhance your ‘Flex-Bens’ package

  • Mobility-as-a-Service

    Redefining the way your business moves in one single solution

  • Mobility Solutions

    Seamless and smart mobility solutions