Step Inside

An invitation to see how we do things

At KINTO, we have a great phrase, which is ‘Step Inside’.

We like it because we’re so incredibly proud of what we do. We would love even more people to step inside our business and see it for themselves.


It’s about opening the door to KINTO and showing you a team of fleet management and vehicle funding specialists you can work with, and a way of doing things which is uniquely us.

By saying to people, Step Inside, we’re also saying:

  • We’re transparent
  • Everything we do is under one roof
  • We believe in ourselves, in our customers and our supply network
  • We’re honest, fun, friendly, and hardworking
  • We want the best for our customers and they want the best for us
  • We’re creative in our thinking, imaginative in our approach and different in our delivery

Our customers do not choose KINTO simply because we offer a great range of fleet management and funding solutions.

They choose us because of ‘who we are’ and ‘how we do things’.

They love how we provide a journey our customers come back for, delivered with care, warmth and pride.

Step inside and discover our home at Lakeside North Harbour