Maintenance Management

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For many companies that own their vehicles, their servicing, maintenance and repair costs can be the most erratic and expensive aspect of running their fleet.

No-one could expect a fleet manager to have the technical training to know what every repair should cost, whether the right parts are being fitted, costs are appropriate or labour rates and times accurate. As a result, many businesses that manage their own maintenance find themselves paying bills with little idea as to whether they are correct or fair. As a result, they see rising costs, over-running budgets, and are overwhelmed by the administration of handling so many bills.

With an impressive team of vehicle technicians and accredited mechanics, KINTO’s maintenance management service solves that problem instantly, with the capability of one consolidated and itemised bill, to monthly invoices if required.

By placing your vehicle maintenance in the hands of our team, you have qualified mechanics overseeing every repair, including routine servicing and fast fit items. They know precisely what work should, or should not, be carried out, how long it should take, what the labour rate is, and they have the repair history of the vehicle on screen.

All of this is authorised using a zero tolerance approach so that their expert approval is required prior to work being carried out.

Their entire focus is to drive down your repair bills, keep your drivers mobile, and ensure you benefit from UK-wide pre-negotiated discounts on parts and labour. You also gain advantage from the pursuit of all warranty claims, and the ability to identify trends and exceptions through accurate management information.

James Harding

Technical Manager

I am accountable for the operational performance of the Technical Controllers, repair authorisations and proactive downtime management to ensure all mechanical servicing, maintenance and repair work is carried out cost effectively for our customers.