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KINTO offers a number of funding options, including contract hire and contract purchase, both with or without fixed cost maintenance.

As a fleet management specialist, we are not under pressure to sell, nor promote, any particular form of funding or way of operating a vehicle fleet.  We use our objective and unbiased expertise to identify the optimum form of funding for your fleet, operationally and commercially.

To agree the best option, we will discuss your business objectives and the pros and cons of each form of finance. We will also look at other considerations, such as whether it’s best to have budgeted/fixed cost maintenance or a ‘pay as you go’ approach, with KINTO’s team managing the maintenance for you.

We can also offer a ‘multi-funder’ model through our award winning Autobid service. This is where we source contract hire from a panel of up to five market-leading funders offering the ‘best price on the day’. We then manage the vehicle, ensure competitive pricing and look after the driver for you throughout the contract.

We will also discuss retaining some flexibility in your fleet operation and whether, in some areas, short term rental and pool cars are a better option than all vehicles being on longer-term contract hire.