Salary Sacrifice

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Salary sacrifice is well-known for allowing employees to trade an element of their salary for a car, bringing all of the benefits normally reserved for company car drivers.

KINTO’s salary sacrifice scheme is extremely popular due to the wide range of benefits it brings. Take a look at our Salary Sacrifice Infographic to discover more!

For employers, it’s a great addition to your existing benefits package, offers minimal risk and administration, has comprehensive online reporting, fully comprehensive private and business insurance available, early termination and gap insurance options and offers potential NI savings. The scheme can also help mitigate grey fleet and associated duty of care issues, with employees driving new and well maintained cars.

For drivers, not only will they enjoy a monthly fixed cost, they will get a fully maintained and insured lease car managed by our expert teams, there is a simple online ‘employee journey’ to join the scheme that will allow them to compare and explore the best deals.

With no credit check, fully comprehensive private and business insurance, and all servicing, breakdown and accident management taken care of by KINTO, all your employees need to worry about is adding fuel.

KINTO’s salary sacrifice scheme is a great benefit due to the cost of the car being deducted from the employee’s gross salary, resulting in Tax and National Insurance (NI) savings.

Best suited to low CO2 cars, which attract the least benefit in kind (BIK), employees also gain from manufacturer discounts and enhanced savings compared to sourcing a fully maintained and insured vehicle themselves.