Downtime Management

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No business wants its drivers to be distracted from their work, or unable to do their job, due to vehicle issues. People are an expensive resource, and if their vehicle is off road it can be disruptive and costly.

At KINTO, we have a standalone downtime management team who work closely with our technical and accident management teams. Their role is to pro-actively monitor and manage all vehicles off road (VOR) as well as having close regular dialogue with garages so that each vehicle is repaired and reunited with its driver as quickly as possible.

The basis of our downtime control system is to ensure that all key stages in the repair cycle are proactively managed, from the moment the vehicle is booked in, through to work completion and vehicle return.

This is all achieved through a combination of efficient systems, proven processes, active dialogue and tenacious chasing.


Our repair management system sends repeated reminders to garages for repair updates, while our team monitors every vehicle off road to establish how long it will take, while remaining in close contact with our technical or accident teams to quickly resolve any potential hold-ups.

This all results in minimal levels of driver downtime and very high levels of driver and customer satisfaction.

James Harding

Technical Manager

I am accountable for the operational performance of the Technical Controllers, repair authorisations and proactive downtime management to ensure all mechanical servicing, maintenance and repair work is carried out cost effectively for our customers.