Daily rental

With access to over 200 suppliers, 550,000 vehicles across 2,000 UK locations, here at KINTO we understand the importance of keeping your business moving and on the road.

For short term rental to work well, the rental team must be very closely aligned to the customer’s core fleet operation. It’s also vital to have strict processes and systems in place, and at KINTO we have a team of professionals happy to take your call and our pioneering and intelligent online booking platform which provides full visibility of rentals and invoicing which is available to you 24/7.

Thanks to our online booking platform, you will have real time vehicle availability, complete full online booking capability, upfront costs as well as offering a full suite of controls to manage daily rental reservations and live hires- all tailored to your requirements.

Some companies only use KINTO for our daily rental service, for others it’s an integral part of a broader fleet management solution- whichever you require, we’ll provide a truly effective short term rental solution.