CV Products & Services

At KINTO, we understand the importance every commercial vehicle within your fleet holds. Our products & services are built around your individual needs, offering a complete portfolio of fleet management and funding solutions. We have a great track record of adapting to a variety of very specific requirements across multiple market sectors and and our consultative approach ensures we find a fit that is right for you.

If you’re looking for a fleet management company with great values, great people and a fresh, friendly way of working, why not get in touch and start getting to know us.

  • Downtime Management

    A service focused on minimising each commercial vehicle’s time off road

  • Fleet Management

    A commercial vehicle team to oversee all of your vehicles, suppliers and drivers

  • Maintenance Management

    Stringent controls and cost savings from qualified commercial vehicle technicians

  • Funding

    Commercial vehicle funding perfectly matched to your requirements

  • Management Information and Business Intelligence

    In-house software, bespoke reporting and a team of commercial vehicle analysts

  • Daily Rental

    Our daily rental solution helps keep your business moving

  • Risk Management

    Offering reduced accidents, improved health & safety, and less downtime

  • Accident Management

    A complete solution from first response to vehicle repair and return

  • Autobid

    Our award winning LCV competitive tendering product