Service & MOT Booking

KINTO – Your online booking portal

Please read the below statements before you proceed with your online booking; some of the below may not apply to your account:

  • Please IGNORE the options for tyres, glass, accident repair or breakdown. Instead, please call your dedicated KINTO Driver service phone line for assistance.
  • If you require a courtesy car from the garage, a minimum of 20 days’ notice is required. This service is not guaranteed and is strictly subject to availability from the repairer.
  • If you require collection and delivery from the garage, a minimum of 15 days’ notice is required. This service is not guaranteed and is strictly subject to availability from the repairer.
  • If you require a rental vehicle, please contact your Driver Service phone line where there will be an option to assist.


Please note the calendar shown in the portal is likely not an accurate reflection of the next available date. Please work to a 5 working days lead time for a booking date.

Once the garage accepts the booking request (usually within 48 hours), you will receive the booking confirmation, either via email, SMS, or both if you tick the confirmation box.


KINTO recommend that you check your tyres prior to your vehicle attending the booked service centre. The guide here: Fleet-Factsheets-Tyre-Tread.pdf provides advice on how to check your tyres should you be unsure. Should you require a replacement tyre or tyres, you can book replacements at home or work, via the Kwik Fit online booking service.

Please also be aware that your booking request once submitted is not confirmation of a booking date that has been agreed with the repairer, neither automatically accepted. You should receive a booking confirmation once your Booking request has been agreed with the Repairer that you submitted the booking with.


If your Registration does not validate on the Booking portal then it may be due to your company’s security policy.

Please contact the Premier Team directly on 0808 1969 159 to have your booking manually created.

Ensure you apply your name, your contact number with no spaces & also make sure your email address and post code on the booking is correct, Garages may decline bookings without this information. It is also possible to request a booking with no information, so please ensure the selection for either the MOT or Service is selected, and/or you add the information into the free text box.

Please ensure that the option to ‘receive confirmation via SMS or email’ is ticked and selected when you create your booking, as this has a default setting of not being pre-populated. Please also note that if there are any gaps or spaces before or after the email address then the confirmation will not be sent. If you had ticked to receive confirmation, then it can take up to 48hrs for the repairer to agree to your booking request and the confirmation email could potentially be in your Junk/spam folder.

This is a very popular service provided by the garage and is subject to change at any time.
The provision to support this request can be easily impacted by influential circumstances outside of our control. The garage may also decline the booking if a full post code is not provided. Finally, the collection and delivery may also be declined if your location is more than 10 miles away.

Some garages may not accept the MOT booking if made too soon as they may need to prioritise other MOTs that are due imminently.

Some garages may be experiencing high volumes of work, therefore the current date selections provided by the repairer may not be accurate. Try arranging the booking further in advance.

Most garages will only accept only one of these options, as they are limited on the resource to supply this. Try selecting only one of these options, and remember to provide the Garage with ample notice.

KINTO regularly review and update the approved repair network, so there could be a valid reason as to why the garage is no longer available for selection. Try utilising an alternative garage that is on the list.