Range anxiety – barrier to electrifying fleets

After addressing ‘Charging infrastructure’ and ‘High upfront cost’ as barriers to electrifying fleets, Kellie has shared her thoughts about ‘Range anxiety’.


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What is your view on range anxiety as a barrier to electrifying fleets?

This to me is just an excuse, if you fully research and build on a good EV strategy, investing some time in demos and making some changes to the way you work, range anxiety will be no more paramount than running out of petrol/diesel in an ICE vehicle.

I’m not saying EVs are currently suitable for every job and you will certainly be disappointed if you are expecting a like for like substitute, but willingness to adapt to how we work for the good of the earth and ourselves is needed and more than doable. I have been helping many of our customers to look at their fleets and identify places where EVs will work with some awakening results.

And as with any vehicle, if you do run out of juice there will be the good old boys and girls in the yellow or orange vans (some other colours available) who will be on hand to assist you in getting moving again.

What is your advice to fleet managers?

Driver education is key. Driving style and journey planning are the obvious topics to help minimise this challenge.

Even though electric vans come along with their own obstacles such as range anxiety, the benefits can outweigh these challenges in most cases. For example, they are not only eco – friendly but also cost effective in long term, plus the electric van market is growing and providing improved range. Also, to overcome range anxiety, there might be different solutions depending on your fleet needs. Working with a fleet consultant can help you explore and implement the most suitable options for your organisational needs.

KINTO and I are always on hand to help if you have any questions. If there’s anything you would like to further discuss or seek advice on, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.