EV Resources and Tools

Whatever stage of your EV journey you are at, our handy tools and resources are here to support you all the way. From EV guides to interactive tools and videos, we’ve got something for everyone.

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  • Vehicle Navigator

    Wondering whether to switch to an EV? Use our Vehicle Navigator to see if an EV is best for you.

  • EV Cost Comparison

    Wonder how EV costs compares with traditional ICE vehicles. We’ve got some examples to show you where savings could be made.

  • EV Available Vehicles

    Wondering what the EV market looks like? Take a look at some of the best Electric cars and vans on the market right now.

Electrified Vehicles explained

Here we explain about the different Electrified Vehicle choices available on the market today

EV Infographics

The electric era has arrived- take a look at some interesting facts about electric vehicles

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Range Anxiety

Worried that an EV won't be able to reach your destination? Watch our short video and see just how far an EV can take you. Can't view the video? Download our pdf version.

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  • EV Guide

    Our comprehensive EV Guide has everything you need all in one place.

  • How to drive an EV

    Read our factsheet for tips to help get as many miles as possible out of a single charge.

EV Myths & Misconceptions

There are many EV myths and misconceptions out there. Here we take a look at the truth about EVs.

  • EV Benefits

    From fuel savings to funding- that's just naming a few. There are loads of benefits to going green, we've pulled them all together for you here. Take a look.

  • EV FAQs

    We are often asked questions about Electric Vehicles or going green, so we thought we would share the most frequently asked questions and answers with you here.

  • EV articles

    We have loads of articles featuring Electric Vehicles, why not browse through them today.