How can Ecodriving help minimize fuel consumption, vehicle wear and tear and reduce carbon emissions?

The way that a driver behaves behind the wheel can cut or skyrocket the costs for fuel and vehicle maintenance.  By teaching their drivers good driving habits, companies are able to achieve cost savings by significantly reducing the amount of fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.

Better known as ecodriving, this driving practice can be used not only to minimize fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear but also to reduce carbon emissions and subsequently improve air quality. Promoting good driving habits is a simple and cheap way of suppressing up to 10% of every driver’s fuel-burning CO2 spillage.

Some countries (Germany, Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden) have already made ecodriving behaviour an integral part of the driving licence test in an attempt to influence habits among future drivers.

For tips to enable you to start reducing your fuel, emissions and costs, read our Ecodriving factsheet.