Blue Monday – the gloomiest day of the year

The third Monday of January, or the so-called Blue Monday, is considered to be the calendar’s gloomiest day. It’s known as the most depressing Monday due to factors such as weather, low motivational levels, the feeling of a need to take action, etc., which contribute to low mood.

This year, we focus on providing tips for drivers which can help make the roads a happier and kinder place to be.

Kindness is probably not one of the words that might come to mind when you think about driving. We are all likely to have felt some frustrations when we are stuck in traffic, or when someone has shown little courtesy to us by cutting us up.

Here are some tips for you to consider:

  • Allow yourself plenty of time to get to your destination

The more rushed you are, the less tolerant you will be of other drivers around you. If you ensure you have plenty of time to get to your destination, you are less likely to engage in unkind behaviours such as tailgating or beeping your horn!

  • Use your indicators

Using your indicators to tell those around you your intentions not only helps prevent accidents, but is a kind gesture towards other drivers. It is a simple courtesy that is not used often enough!

  • Allow other cars to merge into traffic

We are all trying to get somewhere, and quite often we are short on time but by allowing space for another driver to pull in, in front of you, that driver may be inspired to do the same for someone else, which in turn allows traffic to flow more smoothly.

  • Don’t take it personally

There will always be inconsiderate (and sometimes just rude) drivers on the road. That person who cut in front of you or gave you a rude gesture for their mistake may well be the nicest person you’ll meet when off the road. We all know our behaviour changes based on situations or mood so you don’t know what the other driver’s situation is; they could be rushing to care for a sick child or just received some terrible news. Try to let it go and don’t react to others’ less-than-kind actions.

  • Smile at other drivers

A smile really can go a long way! You’ll catch others off guard if you return their frowns with a genuine smile. A simple smile can brighten even the grumpiest driver’s day


Read our guide for tips on how to be a more courteous driver and help reduce the threat of road rage on our roads.

Ben charity is launching a new text support service, available around the clock to support those struggling or in crisis.

Ben is a charity that supports people who work or has worked in the automotive industry, helping them improve their mental health, physical health and wellbeing. They also provide help to others who are in later life, offering nursing, residential, dementia and respite care.

If you need support outside of Ben’s helpline hours (Monday to Friday, 8am – 8pm), you can use their free and confidential new text support service by texting the word BEN to 85285. You will then receive automated messages which will connect you to a trained professional. Whatever is on your mind, you’ll be able to chat over text.

To find out more about Ben’s text support service, click here.

At KINTO, we’re helping our staff to shake off the Monday blues with a voucher to enjoy some lunch or a coffee!