Products and Services

A complete portfolio of fleet management and funding solutions

KINTO offers a complete portfolio of fleet management and funding solutions for cars and equipped light commercial vehicles.

It means we can tailor the perfect solution for you, from a fully outsourced solution to selected services to meet particular needs.

More importantly, our services are delivered by highly experienced teams all under one roof, at our office in Portsmouth.

Our web site provides a high level overview of our service offering. However, if you have a particular need, please talk to us as we have a great track record of adapting to a variety of very specific requirements across multiple market sectors.

  • Fleet Management

    A specialist fleet management service tailored to your needs

  • Maintenance Management

    Stringent controls and cost savings from qualified vehicle technicians

  • Funding

    Vehicle funding perfectly matched to your requirements

  • Downtime Management

    A service focused on minimising each vehicle’s time off road

  • Autobid

    Find out more about our competitive tendering product

  • Outright Purchase

    Want to purchase your vehicles outright? We can help.

  • Software, Management Information and Business Intelligence

    In-house software, bespoke reporting and a team of analysts

  • Vehicle Policy & Choice

    Creating cost-effective, practical and motivational policies and choice lists

  • Daily Rental

    Our daily rental solution helps keep your business moving

  • Driver Risk Management

    Offering reduced accidents, improved health & safety, and a duty of care

  • Accident Management

    A complete solution from first response to vehicle repair and return

  • Salary Sacrifice

    An employee benefit to enhance your ‘Flex-Bens’ package

  • Mobility Solutions

    Seamless and smart mobility solutions

  • Mobility-as-a-Service

    Redefining the way your business moves in one single solution