Vehicle choice and policy

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The dynamics of creating effective, yet desirable, vehicle choice lists and policies have never been so complex.

Government taxation, and the cars that manufacturers are producing, are driving us towards ever greener vehicles, placing us on the cusp of the most significant shift in the cars we drive since combustion engine vehicles were first introduced.

With most retention policies lasting 3 to 4 years, this move towards ultra-low emission (ULEV) and electric vehicles (EVs) must be factored in as part of a robust and future-proofed vehicle policy.

Yet, traditional petrol and diesel cars remain hugely popular, with many drivers having concerns over the viability of ULEVs and EVs for their job roles and lifestyles.

Add to this, the intense interest in the car policy and overall fleet operation from HR, finance, sales, operations, customer service and risk, and you find there’s a lot of people to please when getting the choice lists right.

At KINTO, we have extensive experience of developing choice lists, grade bandings and advising on policies for organisations large and small, across private, public and not-for profit sectors.

The policies we have created enable our customers to operate within tight budgets, attract and retain the right calibre of staff and meet their operational and service needs.