Outright purchase

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Organisations that choose to buy their vehicles outright, using company funds or alternative credit lines, enjoy greater flexibility over their fleet.

The downside, however, is they also take on all of the risks of ownership.

Vehicle maintenance, depreciation and resale costs can be volatile and unpredictable, making budgeting difficult.

Stringent processes, systems and controls are therefore needed to manage the vehicle fleet, as well as expertise in vehicle purchasing, maintenance control and how to dispose of vehicles to maximise their resale values.

Through KINTO’s  acquisition, maintenance management, and vehicle disposal services, you can utilise the expertise of our fleet management experts and maintenance technicians to manage these for you.

In doing so, you’ll enjoy cost savings, pre-negotiated rates, and the peace of mind that your fleet is being managed by industry experts.

You can also choose to use other services too, such as daily rental, fleet administration, accident management, fuel cards, risk management and grey fleet management.

For any organisation that owns its vehicles, please talk to us about the mix of services that would offer you the best support and help drive down your costs.