Corporate Social Responsibility

In line with our mission to deliver our services with “care, warmth and pride” KINTO are acutely aware of the part we need to play to act responsibly and with a socially ethical conscience.  We are committed to doing so in principle and in practice and have set out here how our Corporate and Social Responsibility activities assist us in our mission.


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Diversity and Inclusion

As a business, we are proud that our employees come from a range of different backgrounds, and celebrate diversity in all different forms. We believe that a breadth of diversity brings different perspectives and fresh thinking and ‘mirrors’ the make-up of our customer base.

We will never discriminate on grounds of age, disability, race, religion/belief, gender, sexual orientation, maternity/paternity, gender reassignment and/or marital status.

Our policy is based on three core principles:


We accept and treat each person as an individual. We believe every person should be valued for their contribution, never judged by their gender, age, disability, race and/or sexual orientation.


We create a working environment where differences are valued; every person is included, respected and connected to our success. Discrimination, bullying and/or victimisation of any kind are unacceptable and will not be tolerated


We believe in equal opportunity for all; we remove any barriers to success, eliminating discrimination, enabling equal access to opportunities for all employees. No employee and/or potential colleague will be disadvantaged by any conditions of employment or company requirements that cannot be justified on exceptional operational grounds

All employees, whether part-time, full-time, permanent or temporary, will be treated fairly and with respect. Selection for employment, promotion, training or any other benefit will be on the basis of aptitude, ability and future potential.

Every employee will be encouraged and enabled to optimise their full potential. Skills and capability will be fully utilised to maximise business performance and deliver an exceptional customer experience.


Growing talent is our passion which is why we support apprenticeships within our organisation.  In order for our apprentices to succeed in achieving their qualification, they will have regular review meetings with their line manager and apprenticeship provider to monitor their progress and discuss any additional development support they may need to achieve their apprenticeship.  They will also be given the opportunity to complete the required 20% off-the-job training through learning interventions which could include job shadowing as well as face-to-face classroom training.

As an Apprentice approaches the end of their Apprenticeship, we will discuss career opportunities with them with an aim of progressing them into the organisation on a permanent basis where their development will continue with the support of our line managers and Talent and Development team.

Employee Engagement, Rewards & Recognition

We gain feedback from our employees throughout the year with our Employee Engagement Forum and our Senior Leadership Team listen, face to face, to our employees feelings about their working environment and suggestions for improvement.  We then act on this feedback to ensure feel valued and supported whilst at work.  A group-wide annual employee survey is also conducted and the results are used as a basis for improvement.  Our employees are rewarded for great feedback, excellent achievements and outstanding work practices.

Supporting good causes

Through company-wide programmes, fundraising and volunteering, we support many good causes.

Our employees are regularly encouraged to take 2 charity days out from work – one of the volunteer days is to support one of our chosen charities Muscular Dystrophy UK or Rowans Hospice and the other can be for charity of their choice. This is to allow them to work within the local community and with charities on projects which require not just financial support but practical support.

We are also support Ben, which is an independent charity and dedicated partner to the automotive industry.

In additional to our main corporate charities, we also support other good causes. Find out more here.

Environmental Responsibility

We hold ISO14001 certification which means we conform to a rigorous environmental management system standard. We understand that we have a significant role to play in influencing the environment in which we live and work and the local communities in which we operate and we seek to apply social and ethical principles to minimise the negative impact of our activities on the environment.

We are committed to:

  • continually improving our environmental performance and to preventing, reducing and controlling pollution.
  • compliance with all applicable legal requirements and any other requirements relating to environmental aspects which we believe to be relevant.

We do this by:

  • documenting, implementing and maintaining our Environmental Management System
  • working with our customers to promote the use of cleaner, more efficient vehicles including alternative fuel vehicles and introduce schemes to make such vehicles accessible to a wider range of consumers
  • encouraging processes to manage the environmental impacts of any vehicle storage, maintenance and associated activities
  • supplying products and services through agreements with preferred suppliers who are, in the main, large groups with national coverage and a policy of environmental improvement
  • where possible, repairing vehicle glass rather than replacing it
  • encouraging the use of water based paints by our approved vehicle repairers
  • Have a 100% divert waste from landfill promise
  • Removal of all single use plastics in the office
  • Our office is powered with 100% renewable energy through wind, solar and hydro.
  • Ensuring that we chose low carbon alternatives where possible and energy efficient electrical equipment
  • Using electronic signatures via DocuSign to reduce paper waste.

Modern Slavery

We embrace, support and respect the human rights of everyone we work with. We do not use, or accept, forced, bonded or involuntary prison or child labour. We only employ people who choose to work freely and respect their rights to equal opportunities and freedom of association.

We are committed to honouring the terms and conditions of employment and require all employees to do the same. We are committed to providing appropriate pay, benefits and terms and conditions of employment and to seeking agreement for changing these, where required, to meet business objectives.

We recognise that ethical and productive partnerships with our suppliers strengthen our business, our reputation and that of our customers. We treat our suppliers fairly and with respect, and we expect them know and to agree to uphold our high standards of compliance and ethics.

We provide our employees with a confidential, independent whistleblowing hotline that they can access 24/7 365 days of the year if they have any concerns or suspect any wrongdoing. Such concerns are investigated promptly and impartially.

Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption

KINTO prides itself on its reputation for integrity and high ethical standards and has a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption.

We believe that bribery and corruption in all forms are unacceptable and illegal. Most importantly, it compromises the trust of our valued customers. So we have put in place training and policies to help advise, increase awareness and combat identified risk areas.

Money Laundering & Financial Crime

The generic term “money laundering” describes the process by which criminals attempt to hide and disguise the true origin and ownership of the proceeds of their criminal activities, thereby avoiding prosecution, conviction and confiscation of the criminal funds.  If not prevented, it also allows criminals to maintain control over those proceeds and to legitimise the source for the funds.

KINTO takes the prevention and detection of money laundering and financial crime very seriously. We have established training programmes and procedures to ensure that all staff are aware of what constitutes suspicion; to whom suspicious activities should be reported; and that any suspicions are investigated and, where necessary, appropriate action taken. Our employees are also made fully aware of the seriousness of money laundering and the penalties that they could potentially face for failing to adhere to company requirements and anti-money laundering and financial regulations and legislation.



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