10 signs it’s time to change fleet provider

Changing Fleet Provider

For many organisations fleet is often the largest expenditure after people- it’s therefore important to ensure it’s done right. And that includes ensuring you are getting the best from your fleet provider.

For many the thought of switching provider is daunting so we often simply ‘put up’ with what we have.

Below we’ve put together a list of some of the common signs that it might be time to switch fleet management provider, so if you are saying yes to any of these, then it may well be time to make some changes.

A fleet provider should be an extension of the team, and ease the burden of managing a fleet rather than add to it. If you find you are spending more and more time having to manage tasks that should be with them, it may be time to start looking elsewhere.

Employees who regularly work with your fleet provider are a direct source for feedback on their performance.

When your employees are frequently mentioning your fleet provider in negative terms, i.e. long response times, poor service, similar incidents happening again and again, then this is a clear sign that you need to monitor the efficiency and delivery of their services more closely.

With the mobility landscape changing rapidly, you are likely to need a service provider that is flexible and able to adapt to your changing needs. If your fleet management provider is unable to work with you in terms of services provided, pricing, or contract terms, you may need to look elsewhere.


We all appreciate that issues and problems with providers arise from time to time. But when the issues become reoccurring or regular, and there is little (or sometimes no) effort from your provider to address it, you know there is a problem.

As an extension to your fleet department, it’s important that your fleet management provider understands your business and its priorities. If they don’t, issues can quickly arise.

Strong communication is central to any good partnership. Your fleet management provider should be quick to respond

Make sure your fleet management provider is practising what they preach in terms of security, because if they’re not, they are just as likely to be a victim of a cybercrime as anyone else. And if something does go wrong, is there a simple process to report a breach, and do you feel confident that the breach will be dealt with accordingly

A fleet management provider that is not cost-effective for your business can be a huge drain on your budget, especially if they are not performing as well as you would like. Seek out the highest quality service for the best overall price, not simply the lowest total cost.

We live in a busy world and no one likes to have meetings just for the sake of having a meeting or because it’s in the contract to meet once a quarter. A good fleet management provider adds value to your business and works with you to ensure your fleet is meeting your strategic objectives – so these meetings should be worth your while!

10.  Constant Upselling

Sales reps who are constantly trying to upsell to your business risk annoying your workforce and taking up their valuable time.  An aggressive upsell approach from a supplier can alienate your employees and leave them feeling unnecessarily pressurised.

If your customer experience is being negatively affected by constant upsell attempts, then the time is right to look for a provider who focuses more on ensuring that the products and services they are already providing are meeting your fleet requirements and helping you achieve your business objectives.




If you have answered yes to any number of these points, then we are sure you already know you have some things to address with your provider.

The decision on what you do after that is in your hands.

Here at KINTO we are committed to helping businesses of all sizes optimise their fleet operations- so if you want a chat, then get in touch today.